Quality assurance

The aims of the internal evaluation of Euro-Aquae Quality Assurance by the External Experts are the general quality assessment and the verification if all procedures and tasks of the Program are respected. This is done through measurement of the degree of satisfaction by all stakeholders of Euro-Aquae. In particular, Quality Assurance will be directed towards the evaluation of the quality of the programme of Euro-Aquae as the fulfilment of the "expectations" of the stakeholders. A detailed approach for each considered item will be described in reports by External Experts.

The stakeholders of Euro-Aquae, for the purpose of this Quality Assurance, are:

  • the Students
  • the Teaching Staff
  • the Contractors: the partner-universities
  • the End-Users: present and potential future employers of the students and other Academia.

Furthermore, Euro-Aquae takes part in the project of the European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education - ENQA / TEEPII

For further information: http://www.enqa.eu