Every year, each new group of EuroAquae participants is offered a website where activities and products could be presented. The following list of websites gathers all the activities carried out since 2004.


EUROAQUAE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (EAAA) was founded in February 2006 in order to create a wide network of EUROAQUAE students and graduates, share experience and provide mutual help withinEUROAQUAE community. Now the Association is a legal body and run by students and graduates with support of the course organisers.

The EAAA goals are set to be:

  • To promote a beneficial relationship between EUROAQUAE, its alumni and other interested persons for academic, professional and social reasons
  • To represent the views of the alumni and to assist and advise EUROAQUAE in a number of key activities including student recruitment, and career development
  • To raise the status of the alumni in the environment of EUROAQUAE and the wider Hydroinformatics community
  • Conduct social and cultural activities that are of interest to alumni
  • Provide a career network for graduates of EUROAQUAE
  • To promote, advance and protect the academic reputation of EUROAQUAE
  • To promote, encourage, and develop all kind of initiatives which could help to achieve one of the above goals.