Semester 3 - Thematics Specializations


Semester 3: Thematic Specializations

From the semester 3, participants have to choose a specialized track that provides more in-depth competencies and skills in one aspect of the hydroinformatics for smart water management. Each track is managed by one of the awarding European HEIs according to its competence domain. Each track addresses, trough the specialization, the 3 water domains. The consortium strongly believes to the added value of this mobility and to the tailored curriculum at the closest candidates’ expectation. This approach contributes to the enhancement of the employability of candidates and, at the same time, fit with the professional demands.

The specialization tracks proposed to the participants in semester 3 & 4, for engineering and research, are the following:

  • Hydroinformatics systems at BTU. The specialization provides competencies about design, application and implementation of emerging ICT solutions in the various business processes of the 3 water domains.

  • Hydroinformatics for urban smart water systems at UNS. The specialization develops specific capacities for analysis, design, developing and managing IT solutions that could be used and implemented for water supply, waste water treatment and flash floods management in urban areas.

  • Decision support systems for water uses optimization at UPC. The specialization develops capacities and competencies for the conception of real time systems that could be applied in irrigation, management of regulation hydraulic structures, risks and extreme events management, forecasting and now-casting systems.

  • Hydroinformatics systems for groundwater resources management at WUT. The specialization develops specific capacities for analysing, designing modelling and managing tools used in the water resources management especially for groundwater.
Semester 3: Common modules offered in all locations

The 3 modules allow to the participants to develop and to complete engineering, pre-professional, practical and scientific skills in a multicultural environment just before entering the final exercise and practice of the master course.